Period hygiene campaign South Africa

We are glad that we were given the opportunity to address the issue of period poverty and help the underprivileged adolescent girls to be educated about period hygiene as well as issues regarding period poverty in South Africa. I have used my platform to increase access to sanitary products. My aim is to reduce the stigma surrounding periods which has been ongoing for centuries.

We paid visits to primary schools in suburb in Johannesburg and created awareness on health issues like cervical cancer and breast cancer. The support we got was Overwhelming !

Up to 7 million South African girls do not have access or cannot afford to buy sanitary products, many of them must stay home

In 2018, a group of student activists organized protests under the slogan and hashtag #BecauseWeBleed to end the 15% Value Added Tax on period products. In 2019, the South African government dropped the tax thanks to the efforts of these students and others.

Our company @ecopadmalaysia ama charity organisation @healthofcommunity will be joining hand with NGOs from South Africa to help adolescent girls to distribute biodegradable pads for free , a step closer to ending period poverty by sustainable sanitary product and educating about menstruation.

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