Shedding the light on period poverty in Indonesia

Shedding the light on period poverty in Indonesia.

The prevalence of period poverty in Indonesia continues to lead to discrimination against girls and adversely affects their health, education quality and empowerment.

This time I’ve visited children’s homes / schools – which comprise teenage girls from different walks of life ( child abuse/ child born out of wedlock / child of raped victim )

We have tracked down several homes and schools in Bali which need attention on menstrual hygiene. They will be receiving biodegradable pads in the form of charitable donation on monthly basis from @ecopadmalaysia . We made sure they have comprehensive information about menstruation in future . This particular project also aims to dismantle Indonesian society’s taboo around reproductive and sexual health by normalizing the subject of menstruation and introducing eco-friendly menstrual products besides curbing rise in the number of unintended pregnancies among high school students has been observed in rural areas due to a lack of education about reproductive and sexual health.

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